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Change Management Course on 6 Feb

Are you interested in becoming a change management expert within your business? On February 6th from 12.00-15.00 hrs (Indian time) Imre van Gastel will offer a FREE online course on change management for maximum 50 participants. Reserve your place today and see you there!

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We are a team of experienced automotive coaches, trainers and consultants helping OEM’s, Importers, Dealer groups and dealerships to prepare businesses for the future of automotive retailing.

Our presence is global, as are our coaches and customers.

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Future Customer Journey Development

We are experts in converting customer expectations into customer promises and ultimately advise businesses to define the ideal customer journey.



We are providing leadership courses for CEO’s, Dealer Principals and Managers to create highly effective teams and build businesses.


Change Management Programmes

We provide effective change management courses for managers who are excited to prepare their businesses for the future of automotive retailing.


Digital Retailing & Tools selection

We advise businesses how to implement digital retailing and which digital tools have proven to be most impactful within the Automotive industry.

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